Car ownership is great, especially if the vehicle is a powerful and sleek BMW. Not to mention, the cars and SUVs are reliable, to say the very least. Those are just a few reasons why folks invest in the brand, but there are many, many more. Individuals rely on the autos to get them from point A to point B without fail. They drive them to school, work, on vacation, and even to show off around town. However, much like everything else human-made, on occasion, BMWs can break down. 

Persons can become stranded at home in their driveways. Then again, unlucky drivers can find themselves stuck on the side of a busy highway or in the middle of traffic with their vehicle broke and unable to move. With any of the situations, the unit must be repaired. It is easier said than done to diagnose and fix the problems, though. Luckily, California residents don’t have to take on the issues alone. Instead, they can contact BMW Auto Repair San Diego and let the professionals handle the matter. 

Our mechanics have the tools, technology, and experience to get your sweet ride purring like a kitten again in no time. Don’t fret if the motor is not the culprit, as we can assist with brakes, suspension, timing belts, valve cover gasket replacements, and more. Plus, the organization offers affordable rates. That means BMW owners can avoid breaking the bank when it comes to their automotive repairs. Now, let’s move on to some of the things that could bring engine repair into the picture. 

A Busted Serpentine Belt

Serpentine belts are the norm for new vehicles now. In other words, a single belt keeps everything running. There are not separate belts for the alternator, AC, or water pump. It is not uncommon for a serpentine belt to break now and again. When the mishap occurs, the motor will start, but it is not a good idea to drive with the belt disconnected as other parts may sustain damage in doing so. 

The Car Is Idling Rough Or Misfiring

After a while, spark plugs, coil packs, and spark plug wires can wear out too. When these items are not working correctly, the vehicle’s engine can misfire, idle rough, or it may not crank at all. The ignition system is another concern that could leave BMW owners needing top-notch engine repair.