You may have noticed some oil drops staining your driveway or garage floor at some point indicating that your car is leaking. And while it’s easy to dismiss the oil leak — since the check engine light isn’t on anyway – it could lead to other problems down the road. But does that mean it’s bad to drive a car that’s leaking oil?

Can you drive your car with an oil leak?

Technically, yes, you can drive a car that’s leaking oil. However, it’s not a good idea considering the oil is what keeps the engine lubricated and running in top shape. Without it, your car’s engine will seize and leave you with a hefty repair bill for a new engine. That being said, it’s ideal to have your car checked out by a qualified mechanic at the first signs of an oil leak.

An oil leak can cause excess wear and tear on your car’s engine over time, so it’s important to get it checked out as soon as you can. If you can’t get it inspected and repaired straightaway, or can’t afford to, then there are some budget-friendly remedies at your local auto parts store.

What causes most oil leaks?

Most oil leaks can occur due to a few different reasons. Other common causes are:

  • Worn engine gaskets – Valve cover, oil pan, and head gaskets tend to wear over time and lead to some of the more common oil leaks.
  • Worn oil drain plug – Your car’s drain plug can get worn out due to road debris and years of use.
  • Broken oil filler cap – An old or faulty oil filler cap can become loose, causing oil to spill out.
  • A leaky oil filters

Regardless of the issue, if you find that your car is leaking oil, then you should monitor the engine’s oil level until you can get the issue(s) repaired. Chances are that your car’s engine might not be leaking oil too quickly that it will starve the engine any time soon. But keeping the engine oil at an optimal is still important regardless.

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