Have you ever been driving down the road and you started to feel you steering wheel start to shake when you get up to a certain speed? Or when you apply the brakes you can feel the whole car shaking and you can feel it through the steering wheel? This can be very concerning for most people and for good reason! This is an early indication of a few problems that you need to get fixed before the issue gets worse and more expensive.


Warped Brake Rotors.

This is the most common reason as to why your car will start to shake when you are driving or when applying the brakes. As the problem continues to get worse and left unsolved you will notice how your car will start to shake more violently. The reason this happens is because the surface of your brake rotor gets worn down over time and eventually becomes too thin. This is a pretty easy fix, however, left for too long and the problem can start to effect other aspects of your vehicle.

Squealing or grinding

Have you ever heard a high-pitched squealing sound when you apply your brakes? Squealing or screeching is a sign your brake pads are wearing down and need replacing. Deep, low grinding sounds can mean your pads have worn away so much that there’s metal-on-metal contact. This can significantly damage your vehicle, so get your brakes checked straight away if you hear this noise.

Signs you can see

One way to know the condition of your brakes is to look at them. You can check the thickness by peering through the spokes of your wheels, where you should see your brake pad pressed against the metal rotor. If your pads are thinner than a quarter of an inch (around 3mm), it’s probably time to replace them.

Response time

If your brakes do not feel like they’re responding well when you put your foot down, be sure to get them inspected. This is called ‘brake fade’ and happens as your brakes wear down and become less effective over time. If the pedal feels like it’s sinking towards the floor or you have to press it right down before your brakes engage, your brake fluid might be leaking. Keep an eye out for a small puddle of fluid on the ground when your car is parked, which also indicates a leak. This problem could also be caused by an air leak in the hydraulic system, or your brake pads might need replacing.

Pulling or vibrating

When you notice a change in how your brakes feel, that’s a sign they need attention. If your car seems to pull to one side as you brake, that indicates your brakes are wearing unevenly. They might need adjusting or replacing, so get them checked by a mechanic.

Only was to get this corrected is to bring it in so we can get it realigned for you and get you back on the road! Give us a call today at BMW Repair San Diego to have your brakes replaced.