Engine Cooling System Fluid Exchange Service On A BMW

The fluid exchange is one of the cornerstones of scheduled maintenance. The biggest reason your BMW breaks down is certain parts in your engine get very hot, which can lead them to overheat and break. It’s the cooling system’s job to keep your BMW’s engine at a manageable temperature so the parts in your engine don’t overheat.

What is an Engine Fluid Exchange?

Your BMW’s engine can heat up to over 200 degrees on any given day. To keep this heat under control, there is coolant fluid in your engine that moves within your engine to keep it cool.

This system in your BMW is quite complex. The cooling system includes your radiator, reservoirs, fans, hoses and the all-important coolant. When this all works together it keeps your engine at a reasonable temperature.

How do I know my BMW needs a fluid exchange?

Depending on the vehicle, you need to exchange your fluid every 40,000 – 100,000 miles. Here are a few of the symptoms other than mileage that you’re due for a fluid exchange.

  • Your engine overheating – You can see your temperature gauge jump.
  • Your car feels sluggish
  • Check Engine Light or Low Coolant Light may turn on

Another thing you should watch out for is fluid underneath your vehicle. As your BMW gets older so do the hoses that carry the coolant throughout your engine. If there’s a leak you will have a low coolant level, this can also cause the same symptoms.

What is the Fluid Exchange process?

When your coolant needs to be exchanged the old coolant is most likely dirty. If we only add new coolant, we don’t eliminate the problem just create more contaminated fluid.

This is why we take out all the fluid in your cooling system and replace it with new fluid. While doing this we check for cracks in your hoses and examine the radiator which is a key component to your cooling system.

You can be confident that we not only fixed the issue, and kept your scheduled maintenance on track; we also help ensure you’re not going to have another problem with your cooling system in the near future.

If you have any questions about your engine cooling system or want to book an appointment, give us a call. We are always happy to help!

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