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What Is Included In A Oil Service (Oil Change) From BMW Repair San Diego?

We used to call our Oil Service an Oil Change like everyone else. However, it was not really accurate. You see we kept adding services to our Oil Change (at no additional cost) to truly take care of our customers.

This way when you leave even after just an Oil Service you know we looked over the entire vehicle, topped off your fluids and much more so your BMW drives like the luxurious vehicle that it is!

We also check all the vital components in your vehicle to catch anything that may go wrong in the next 5,000-10,000 miles. This way there are no surprises on the road, and if we do find something you can plan into a future budget.

That is why our famous Oil Service started. That Oil Service includes:

  • Drain Current Oil, Replace Oil Filter & Fill With High-Quality Full Synthetic Or Synthetic Blend
  • Check & Fill All Fluids To Factory Recommended Level
  • Inspect All: Hoses, Engine Drive Belts, Lights
  • Check & Lubricate All Hinges & Locks
  • Measure Tread Depth & Set Tire Pressure To Recommended Lovel
  • Check Braking System & Brake Pad Thickness

Why Is An Oil Change So Important for your BMW?

The infamous ‘Oil Service’, or by its less known name ‘The Most Uninteresting Way To Spend An Afternoon’ is like a haircut. Why? well like a haircut an oil service is something you do a few times per year but without the self-image boost. If you get a haircut and oil service consistently nobody even really notices. However, if you forget it, EVERYONE KNOWS.

You see an Oil Change doesn’t add an extra 20 HP or make your car glide down the road. However, what it does do is keep your BMW running. Yep, that’s fairly important.

The simplest explanation is your engine runs by a series of mini explosions within the engine to create power. To make this happen you have hundreds of small parts that work together in an extremely hot engine.

The oil in your engine is the lubrication between all of that friction to keep your engine running smooth. If you wait too long to change your oil or just forget, your oil breaks down and turns into sludge, which could cause your engine to cease up, the only solution to that is to rebuild your engine or go buy another BMW.

It seems like a mundane basic service, however, it’s the most important service you can do to keep your vehicle on the road.

Conventional Oil (Good), Synthetic Blend Oil (Better) or Full Synthetic Oil (Best)

In a nutshell, Synthetic Oil is the best oil for your BMW. It lasts longer, runs cleaner and helps get more out of your engine. Which also means it’s more expensive, but it’s well worth the extra investment for your luxury vehicle.

Synthetic Blend is a step down from Full Synthetic, but it is better than conventional oil. Helping your engine run smoother and last longer.

Conventional Oil has worked for decades, however now with Synthetic oils, there are better options.  To keep your engine running smoother and last longer we now HIGHLY suggest switching over to Synthetic Blend. The only reason someone would stick with conventional oil is to save a few bucks. Which is why we have worked hard to make our Synthetic Blend Oil which is much better quality than conventional oil nearly the same cost.

Making it an easy decision at virtually the same cost to take better care of your vehicle and help it run better.

What is the deal with the Oil Filter?

The Oil Filter is there to clean the oil and make it last as long as possible, once you hit that 3,000-5,000 miles or 7,000 for some full synthetic oils it needs to be replaced.  You should always replace the oil filter during the service to get the best performance out of the new oil.

If you’re due for an Oil Service or have any questions, give us a call today we are happy to help!

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