In the summertime, there is nothing like when you’re enjoying the cold air from your BMWs A/C, and then suddenly you are getting blasted by a heatwave! This could be a toughie – and you won’t enjoy

A leak in the system

This tends to be the most common problem when it comes to your A/C. When you leak into your system, it can lose the freon refrigerant in the system, and since there is a leak, you aren’t able to have a strong seal to push out what cold air is in the system consistently. Thus, the hot and cold action you are getting.

Loss in cooling capability

This is the most obvious reason as to why your BMW needs to be recharged is that there will be a noticeable loss in the overall cooling capacity of the A/C system. The A/C system operates by circulating pressurized refrigerant, so if the amount of freon drops too low, it will eventually begin to distress the operation of you’re A/C system. You may notice that the air is not blowing as cold as it was before or is not blowing cold air at all.

Faulty Compressor Clutch

Your A/C compressor clutch is one of the essential parts of a BMWs air conditioning system. It is the piece that puts pressure through your A/C system and keeps the refrigerant flowing to ensure that everything works properly. Since this is a system that continuously cycles on and off, it is no wonder that it will eventually wear and break. When there’s a problem with the compressor clutch, your air conditioner won’t blow cold air for long. A damaged, failing, or worn compressor can’t correctly control the flow of refrigerant in the A/C system to deliver the cold air you desire.

These are just a few reasons why your air conditioning unit isn’t blowing cold air. We recommend that you try to refill your system with a freon tank you can pick up at an auto car store. If that doesn’t work, it is best to give us a call at BMW Repair San Diego so we can help you diagnose the issue and schedule time with one of our trained mechanics to fix the problem so you can enjoy cold air throughout the hot summer months.