A person shouldn’t have to deal with a wheel locking up on them while they are driving their car down the road. Unfortunately, that could turn into a reality due to failing wheel bearings, though. If the parts cease while the vehicle is in motion, it could flip-over, run into a ditch, or slam into another car. Such incidents can leave occupants with severe injuries. Accident participants can lose their lives as well. 

Wheel bearings are designed to last for a certain number of years. Once the allotted amount of time passes, they start to lose the grease that allows them to move freely. Decay sets in as well and the bearings cease. Some people are able to change these parts themselves. However, others don’t like to get their hands greasy or don’t have the necessary experience to accomplish the task. 

California residents that fall into either of the categories mentioned shouldn’t fret. A professional and honest mechanic shop is nearby. If you suspect that your wheel bearings may need to be changed, please, don’t hesitate to give BMW Repair San Diego a call. Our team will inspect the situation to determine if the replacement is in your best interest. Then, after giving us the A-okay, we will get you fixed up in a jiffy. 

Each Wheel Contains Wheel Bearings

The chances are pretty good that if one bearing is beginning to fail, the others aren’t far behind. All four of the wheels on your BMW are attached to a hub that has a set of wheel bearings within it, which enable tires and wheels to move as needed, without creating excessive heat. These pieces can even lose their gripping due to extensive wear and tear from within the wheel hub. Whether consumers need one or all four bearings replaced, we have them covered. 

Signs Of Wheel Bearing Failure

The biggest indicator that you may be dealing with faulty wheel bearings is uneven tire wear. It is not unusual for wheel bearings to wear down at an uneven rate. In turn, the tread of the tires may become slick along the inside or outer edges. Additionally, baldness may appear right down the middle of a tire. Persons might be able to hear a metal-on-metal grinding noise when wheel bearing ceases. On a final note, the car may feel as if it is shaking when it is being driven, or like it doesn’t have any power if a bearing is causing friction.