Your car is always wearing as you drive it. Early on, things like an oil change and regular tire rotations, as well as routine maintenance checks, are all you really need to worry about. As your car ages, however, you will need to keep in mind some larger issues. A growing area of focus for drivers as they age their car year after year is suspension systems. A suspension system is made up of a ton of different aspects of your car. These parts include your wheels and tires, shocks, steering, and more. Because these all play an important role in your vehicle’s health, it’s crucial to avoid damaging this system. If your suspension breaks, you will be in a hot mess. What’s going to happen exactly if your suspension breaks? Let’s find out!

Signs of a Broken Suspension

Suspension failure can manifest in one area of the car alone. Without getting proper servicing, however, you can really damage the entire interchanging parts of this essential system. A great sign of breaking suspension is the shock absorber. As your shock absorber works to reduce bouncing during bumps in the road, this part breaking can damage so many other aspects of your car. Without a shock absorber working, your entire suspension system can begin to wear, and one more tough bump can send your car to the ground, damaging tires, wheels, brakes, and more.

Is My Steering Wheel Connected to My Suspension?

Steering and suspension might not necessarily seem intertwined, but they are. As your steering rack or the rods that keep your wheel in control start to break, your entire system can be at risk. Power steering is also only possible with the fluids necessary to keep those parts working properly. Without power steering fluid, you can start to really wear your steering into the other functions of your suspension system. This leads to a total failure of your car’s ability to move safely.

Can I Drive With a Broken Suspension?

If you drive with a broken suspension, or even one of these signs of a wearing suspension, your entire car can suffer. Make sure to get problems that might seem small looked at when they pertain to your wheels and tires, shocks, steering, and other associated parts. If ignored, the damage can be quite costly to fix.

No matter what condition your suspension system is in, the team at BMW Repair San Diego can ensure your time on the road is safe and secure. With an expert team knowledgeable in all aspects of the detailed suspension system, any minor wear or full breakdown of the system can be fixed. Let us know if you want to bring your car in with a quick phone call. Or, feel free to stop by BMW Repair San Diego with any questions about your vehicle.