On a daily basis, we take breaths of air without even thinking. In a similar way our BMWs need to air to go in and out to run to their fullest potential. We have our lungs to keep the bad things from getting too far into our bodies, but a car needs some help in battling excessive carbon residue and build up in its valves. The process of keeping things clean and free to allow for proper air flow is called intake cleaning, and is also often referred to as walnut blasting.

What Exactly is Intake Cleaning or Walnut Blasting?

Intake cleaning sounds much more technical than walnut blasting, but the latter does a better job at explaining exactly what happens when a mechanic or auto professional cleans out your valves to allow proper air flow.

When Should I Plan on an Intake Cleaning?

Every 80,000 miles, BMW recommends that you perform an intake cleaning to ensure no blockages or excess buildup hurts you or your vehicle. To perform an intake cleaning, an air compressor blows crushed walnut shells into your car’s engine, hence the colloquial term walnut blasting. The shells allow the air compressor to work like a sand blaster, eliminating nasty build up so your car can run as designed.

Signs you May need an Intake Cleaning

If you haven’t hit 80,000 miles that does not mean an intake cleaning is out of the question. In fact, warning signs can often indicate that it is time to clear out the airways of your engine.

Check Engine Light          

Your engine may be warning you it is time for a walnut blasting. To know for sure, take your car into a mechanic, seeing as a check engine light can mean many different things.

Sluggish Starts

Another area to look out for is your car’s start up time. If you notice it takes a little longer to start your engine, it may be time for an intake cleaning. Other things like moisture and temperture affect your engine’s start up speed, but sluggish starts can also indicate blockages that need to be addressed.

If you think your BMW might need a walnut blasting, take it into BMW Repair San Diego. Their team of BMW experts work with this luxury maker on a daily basis, and know the ins and outs of your vehicle. For peace of mind for your vehicle, take your BMW into BMW Repair San Diego.