When your warranty has expired and your car breaks down or needs servicing, it’s already a major inconvenience. Now, comes the decision of whether you should take it to a dealership or an independent shop.

To aid in this process, we sat down with an automotive insider and prepared information that will be helpful in making an informed decision about servicing and maintaining your car.

Why do car dealership Service department always seem to charge so much?

Because the dealership runs only retail prices on OEM (original equipment manufacturer), the prices you find at independent shops are always better because they are able to shop around several different suppliers for parts that meet or exceed OEM requirements, and in most cases for much less money.”

What is another aspect of a great independent shop that is often overlooked?

Besides the financial aspect, you aren’t dealing with layers of employees. You are able to build a relationship with a mechanic that enjoys his work, is not simply an employee number, and knows in detail what is happening with your car.

We know dealerships are motivated to sell new cars, what is the independent mechanics’ motivation?

An independent shop is not there to upsell you on buying another car, our goal is to create loyal customers by doing great work, educating customers, and keeping your car running and on the road.

Why is the dealership service priced higher than most independent mechanics?

Most people don’t realize that (in a dealership) they’re paying a lot more for the repairs because of the nice waiting room, retail location, and fancy building, along with the hierarchy of investors that are never present. Prices reflect increases to cover all these expenses.

What is the last thing you would tell a retail customer about independent mechanics?

We are car enthusiasts that love, are passionate about the cars we work on, and customers we create relationships with during that process. You are more than a number, and we value your trust and long-term business.

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