Sometimes we can’t be sure what is wrong with our cars, we hear or see something untoward but for those not mechanically minded it may not point to one particular issue. Cars give us signs something is up, in this case its through a whistling noise. Here we will explore what the issue is, by looking at where and when the whistling is occurring in your vehicle… 

Whistling Noise When Accelerating

If the whistling noise is sounding when you accelerate and more towards the front of your vehicle, your symptoms suggest that you may have a vacuum leak. Although this is a common issue, it does mean that your car is not operating at full efficiency and if left untreated will cause costly damage. 

 Whistling Noise After Engine Turned Off

If the noise comes up when the engine is turned up from the front of the car, it is likely that the radiator pressure cap’s seal is broken. This issue will prevent the cooling system from working effectively if not treated. 

When your car makes noises, it should not, it is time to take it into the professionals. You might be concerned over anything that sounds out of the ordinary, but different sounds correlate to different problems. Some sounds may seem awful but may be insignificant, while others may mean it is time to undergo some extensive repairs. Be more informed about your vehicle so you can make better decisions concerning maintenance.

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