A BMW’s driveshaft is designed to transmit torque and rotation. In most rear-wheel-drive vehicles, the device connects between the transmission and rear end. Meanwhile, when it comes to front-wheel-drive cars, shafts connect to the front wheel hubs and the differential side gear. For these purposes, this article will be focusing on vehicles of the rear-wheel-drive variety. Therefore, if this topic has piqued your interest, feel free to stick around and read on. 

Nothing Good Comes From Letting Driveshaft Issues Linger On

Typically, driveshafts contain universal joints at the ends. Over time, the grease inside the fittings can disappear, leaving the U Joints all nice and dry, but that isn’t a good thing. When the pieces are not able to turn and move freely, additional strain gets put on them. So much so that the universal joints can break while the vehicle is in motion. In turn, the driveshaft can become disconnected and hit the ground. The issue can be dangerous, as the car won’t be able to drive forward or backward. 

Thus, if the motorist is on a busy highway, his or her BMW becomes nothing more than a sitting duck. Another car could collide with the broken down vehicle, and occupants can be left with severe injuries. Some signs may present themselves before complete driveshaft failure occurs, though. Drivers might notice things like vibrations beneath the car, stuttering during acceleration, and even abnormal sounds like clicking.

Do Yourself A Favor And Allow A Mechanic To Inspect Your BMW’s Driveshaft

If any of the issues mentioned above enter the picture, it is best to have your car checked out by a professional mechanic. They have the necessary experience, diagnostic equipment, and more to find and fix the problem. The situation won’t get better with time when things are left as-is. Rather, it will get worse. An intervention needs to take place promptly to ensure that the driveshaft doesn’t become a flying projectile and hit a car or pedestrian. So, people who believe there is something wrong with their driveshafts shouldn’t delay any longer. Instead, they should contact BMW Repair San Diego  to schedule an appointment today.